Betches Media Announces New Original Podcast, “Money Please,” Dedicated To Personal Finance For Millennials And Gen Z – Forbes

Money Please will be hosted by Berna Anat

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Betches, the female founded media and entertainment company, today announces a new personal finance podcast, “Money Please.” The podcast will be hosted by Berna Anat (@HeyBerna), a self-proclaimed “Financial Hype Woman,” who will guide listeners through money making decisions that will benefit them in the long run. She will touch on everything from how to navigate a 401k to understanding what goes into buying a house., the popular investing app with a community of 1M+ members, will serve as the podcast’s presenting sponsor for the first five episodes of season one.

The weekly podcast will feature financial analysts, investment educators, debt experts and more alongside Berna to share advice, tips and resources available for listeners to spend wisely. On Thursdays, Money Please will air a “Loose Change” episode, which will be a continuation of the guest interview from earlier in the week, with deeper conversation on that week’s topic. 

 “In this freaky capitalistic hellscape we’re all stuck in, money care is self care. But we are done with getting money advice exclusively from unrelatable finance dudebros and hot-breath Facebook uncles,” says host Berna Anat. “I’m honored to partner with Betches to help make financial education feel more accessible, engaging, and freakin’ fun — especially for my fellow first-gen learners starting from scratch. Honestly, I lowkey used this podcast as a professional excuse to hit up my smartest finance friends. I’m hyped to feature their brilliance and amplify as many underrepresented financial voices as possible.” 

 “Money Please” joins Betches’ podcast network slate of popular shows including millennial dating and relationship podcast “U Up?,” wellness podcast “Diet Starts Tomorrow,” and true crime podcast “Not Another True Crime Podcast,” among others.  

 “After seeing what currently exists in the financial education space and listening to our community’s needs, we felt that there was a huge opportunity to create content that breaks down the complicated questions that young women are facing when it comes to their finances, in a fun and engaging manner,” says Sami Sage, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Betches Media. “Pairing this observation with our 136% YOY growth on @whenshappyhr Instagram account (Betches’ vertical dedicated to career & finance), it was an obvious next step for us. We think it’s such a critical conversation, and we’re proud to educate our audience on financial decisions because it’s one of the key foundations …….


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