Best Tech Gifts for 2023: Top 5 Gadgets Recommended By Expert Websites – Study Finds

The holiday season is here and it’s no secret that high-tech gadgets will likely be at the top of many shopping lists on Black Friday and beyond. In fact, a new poll finds one in five Americans plan to give their loved ones and friends the gift of new electronics this year. However, if you’re out shopping for the best tech gifts, you better make sure you’re buying gadgets and devices that’ll last into the new year!

In a poll by ARRIS Composites, 73 percent say they want electronics that has a better battery life. Nearly six in 10 (58%) are looking for portable gadgets which are more durable than their old tech and 40 percent are hoping their next device is lighter to carry.

Interestingly, only one in three say they’re planning to buy the “latest” tech heading into 2023. One in five simply want to buy something with better battery life and 19 percent are shopping for portable gadgets that have better compatibility with their existing tech. In fact, a previous survey shows that one in eight people suffer from anxiety when their smartphone or digital device shows low battery life.

For those eagerly awaiting the newest releases this holiday season, 53 percent can’t wait for the next high-tech cell phone to hit the market. Another 25 percent are already lining up for the newest laptops and 19 percent getting anxious for the latest handheld video games to fill store shelves. If you’re worried that playing video games too much might not be best for your child, one recent study shows that gaming regularly might just actually boost their brainpower!

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No matter what’s on this year’s shopping list, the vast majority of Americans (91%) say they trust reviews they read about the newest electronics. In fact, this latest poll of over 1,000 consumers finds that 96 percent do their homework before buying electronics. Nearly half (49%) spend a few days reading up on the latest gadgets, while 25 percent say they actually read reviews for a few weeks.

So, which popular gadget is going to put the biggest smile on your loved one’s face this year? For our findings, we visited 10 of the leading expert websites to see which devices, games, or gadgets consistently made it to the top of the “must-buy” or “best tech gift” lists for 2022.

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