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Sick of running on the treadmill? Spice things up with these off-beat sports gadgets. Anything but typical, these products make exercise fun again.

If your workout routine has become a little, well, routine, these off-beat sports and workout gadgets are the cure. Did you know you can play a heart-racing game in VR, or shoot hoops to your favorite movie or playlist? It’s possible with these gadgets. They make boring workouts a thing of the past.

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Immerse yourself in new worlds and burn off as many calories as you would at a spin class with the Quall Fitness Gaming Console. It gamifies your fitness routine, offering high-intensity complete body workouts.

Then, you can take an entire gym in your backpack with the Unitree Pump. This conveniently portable gym combines weights, rowing, cables and more for fun, highly effective workouts anywhere.

Have fun working out with these off-beat workout gadgets.

1. The SmartMat interactive yoga mat is like having a yoga instructor with you, thanks to sensors that provide real-time pose feedback.

SmartMat in use

Your mat can help you keep the proper form when it’s the SmartMat interactive yoga mat. Integrated sensors give you instant tips on correcting your pose. Even better, it’s specifically attuned to your body and fitness level.

This gadget’s price is TBA. Learn more about it on the official website.

2. The Unitree Pump smart pocket gym literally keeps a gym in your pocket. Weighing just 700 grams, it contains thousands of exercises.

Unitree Pump in a video

Take your workouts on the go with the Unitree Pump smart pocket gym. It’s a portable fitness machine that combines a rowing machine, a cable machine, kettle ball sets, a barbell set, and more. Take it with you on business trips, to the office, and on vacation—it gives you a fun, effective workout.

Preorder it for $159 on Kickstarter.

3. The huupe smart basketball hoop is a regulation-sized basketball hoop that streams anything. It even provides live and on-demand training.

huupe with player stats



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