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Milk is one of the most nutritious beverages on the planet, and a diet staple, but these days we’re spoiled for choice, and our milk options are endless.

Stand in the milk section of the supermarket and you will be completely overwhelmed by the choices, ranging from cows, soy, oat, full fat, lite, rice, organic, cashew, macadamia, skim, 2%, A2, goat and coconut milk.

Even a visit to your local barista can leave you feeling confused.

Choosing the right milk for you comes down to what is your objective.

Are you after milk for optimum calcium intake, or for weight loss?

Are you wanting to make the best choice for you and your family, or perhaps you are accommodating a lactose intolerant child, or is it simply about taste and texture?

Are you looking for a milk that is easily digested that improves bone health, or is it just for cooking?

Many are looking for the milk that’s best for your age group. And like me as a single mum of three, what is the best milk for my three growing girls?

Best milk for weight loss

Once upon a time skim milk was the only way to go to for weight loss, with the belief that fat free meant weight loss, but research is showing this is not the case.

With the growing plant based milk industry the results are very different.

Looking at milk from a weight loss perspective for those of you wanting to still enjoy your morning coffee from your favourite barista, guilt free, or your instant coffee at home, or to add to your healthy breakfast cereal, the simple answer to this can be found in the breakdown of calories.

Calories for the five most common milks based 150ml the results are:

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