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If you’re looking for ways to keep an eye on your canine while you’re at work, want to stay on top of their diet to keep them healthy, or need a ball thrower that can somehow match the energy of your pet, look no further than our list of the best dog gadgets we’ve spotted in 2021.

Below you will find everything you need to keep your pet feeling groomed, hydrated and entertained.

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Best dog gadgets to buy in 2021

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

If you feel bad about leaving your pet at home while you go travelling, worry no more as you can now take your pooch with you thanks to this dog carrier backpack, provided it’s a smaller breed. 

Made for curious canines who enjoy the great outdoors, it has interior swivel tethers to ensure your pet stays firmly in place, with softly padded compartments to keep them comfortable as you explore.

It features both a waterproof Armorsole bottom as well as water-resistant fabric on the top; this is ideal for rainy weather conditions, but also combines with the stain-resistant front portion of the backpack to make clean-ups easy if there are any accidents.

As well as supporting and containing your pet, it also has the storage space you would expect from a practical backpack, with zippered pockets for extra items. 

PetKit Stainless Steel Smart Pet Bowl

It’s important to stay on top of your dog’s diet as this contributes directly to their health. This has been made a convenient and exact process with the PetKit smart bowl which measures food and water to the desired unit. 

This means you should be able track calorie consumption as the bowl provides food and feeding suggestions based on your hound’s eating habits. 

With an outer material made from BioCleanAct™ antimicrobial plastic, it should also help keep germs and bacteria at bay. Since it’s entirely waterproof, there shouldn’t be any concerns about the bowl breaking when mealtime gets a bit messy.

WOPET Smart Pet Camera

Whether you’re worried your dog is up to no good at home alone, or you simply miss them while you’re at work …….


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