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If you’re someone who takes out their bicycle each day for their morning commute, or simply goes for the occasional weekend ride, there are plenty of attachments you can fit onto your bike (and yourself) that will help make your journey safer and more entertaining.

Whether you’re looking for a way to manage storage so you’re not fiddling with your pockets as you ride, need additional lighting to make sure you’re visible on busy roads as the evenings become darker, or a camera to record all the off-road fun or on-road interactions, we’ve got you covered with our pick of the best bicycle gadgets.

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Best bicycle gadgets to buy in 2021

BOBLOV Mini Camera

Keep an extra eye on the road as you ride with this clip-on mini camera that will record your journeys in HD. Fitted with a 1080p quality camera that records in 30fps, it should deal well with changing light due to its auto exposure, with additional auto white balance to keep the images as clear as possible.

It claims to have four hours of recording time so you have a video record of any instances you may want to rewatch after your cycle. Small enough to store inside a pocket, it has a clip to attach to your clothing, as well as a tripod thread on the bottom so you can mount it on the bike itself.

Hövding Cycling Airbag

Designed by Swedish company Hövding for those who want to cycle without the hassle of a helmet, the Hövding cycling airbag is a collar that busts into action to protect you when it senses you have been in a collision. 

Claiming to offer 8x more protection than a traditional bicycle helmet, Hövding says the airbag inflates in just 0.1 seconds.

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COTOP Touchscreen Gloves

These gloves are quite literally handy, with features that should protect you in the elements, while letting you access and use your touchscreen phone without having to remove them. The fingertips are able to engage with your smartphone screen due to the metallic electric screen touch mesh which they claim is durable, so it shouldn’t fade and fail on …….


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