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Beats Fit Pro don’t look like AirPods or AirPods Pro, but they’re basically a blend of the two Apple earbuds in a fitness-wrapped shell. The reason for these wireless earbuds to exist then, even with such feature and sound overlap, is their shape and innovative wingtips. These earbuds are all about being able to stay put, no matter how rigorous the fitness activity—and they work.

I’ve often turned to Beats earbuds for times of physical activity. For example, the Powerbeats Pro’s over-the-ear hooks were helpful for keeping them in place on my ears while running. There’s nothing wrong with those earbuds now—they still work—but in hindsight, Powerbeats Pro are a large, clunky solution. These new Beats Fit Pro are a small, sleek and elegant update to address the same use case.

After spending some time with the Beats Fit Pro, I can say they are great for sports. Athletes of all levels will appreciate their minimal size, large sound and advanced features. People will especially appreciate their secure fit. And yet, these earbuds are so focused on their fitness objective that they won’t be the right choice for everyone.



  • Innovative, secure-fitting wingtips
  • Solid Android experience
  • All the tech benefits of AirPods for iOS devices


  • No wireless charging case
  • Long, sustained use may cause discomfort

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The Fit of the Fit Pro

The wingtips on the Beats Fit Pro are flexible and designed to accommodate all kinds of ears.

The flexible, minimal wingtips are the main appeal of these earbuds over other competitors. They bend to accommodate a wide range of ear shapes. Pixel Buds have a similar-looking rubber nub, but those are significantly more rigid and stiff. I’ve found the ones on the Fit Pro to be very natural to push into my ears, and generally speaking, they’re comfortable.

The Fit Pro earbuds do create some pressure in my ears. In the first days of use, I needed to adjust them back and forth a few times to find the right position. The most discomfort, for me, tended to come when removing the earbuds. I do find this wingtip solution to be my preferred way to achieve a secure fit compared with other options, though. After a week of use, I …….


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