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Why Would You Laugh?, a new book by Gerri Bohanan, has been released by RoseDog Books.

What’s so great about laughter? How can it benefit us? In this book the author helps us understand how laughter can help our everyday lives and how it can actually change your life for the better. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good laugh?

“Gerri Bohanan has written a gem of a book that will resonate with anyone who is facing serious difficulties in life. It would be perfectly understandable if Gerri, after receiving a diagnosis of primary progressive aphasia, had decided to just relax and enjoy life, but she has a message to share and she states it clearly in this book. Laughter is both inspirational and educational.”
-Cynthia Nichols, Loyola University Maryland

“For over a year, I called and begged and patiently waited for Ms. Bohanan to offer her course. The world was in desperate need of Mrs. Bohanan and Laughter Yoga more than ever. We were thrusted into a Global Pandemic and Covid had shaken our world as we knew it. I love Ms. Gerri’s candor and light heartedness. But most importantly Ms. Bohanan taught me about the power of embracing my inner child and letting her be free and unapologetic. Ms. Bohanan’ s laughter is a gift to the world and I am grateful for her teachings and this amazing book. Read this book and laugh with everyone, laugh with Ms. Bohanan as if your life depends on it.”
-Cinnamon Brown, Founder/CEO Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life, Inc.

“A very informative book! Excellent for use with a traditional yoga class, sparking creativity, improving self-esteem and so much more! I highly recommended it.”
-Kianga Jinaki, artist and yoga teacher

“You received phrases for your Laughter Yoga classes which is great. But your humility in sharing your personal problems, your PPA and depression is mind blowing.”
-Ron Azualar, N Y

“This book is an adventure in life’s most joyous expression- laughter. It should be on everyone’s coffee table and in everyone’s heart.”
-Dr. Wali Gill, The Urban Professor

“Gerri shares the wisdom of laughter yoga in a light-hearted way that makes it easy for everyone to adopt this joyful healing practice.”
-Christiana Gaudet, author of Tarot Tour Guide and Fortune Stellar

About the Author
Gerri Bohanan is a former educator and now a Laughter Yoga Leader (2017), Teacher (2018), and Ambassador (2019). Since she was diagnosed with PPA in 2018, she laughs every day.</…….


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