asensei & Virus International Team Up To Bring World’s First Connected Apparel Line To Connected Fitness – Yahoo Finance

Virus International launching new line of smart (app)arel™ with asensei motion capture technology to allow any Connected Fitness product to add form-tracking and real-time coaching.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — asensei, the company offering the easiest way to add form tracking and real-time coaching to sport and fitness products, has made it even simpler for fitness brands to move beyond canned video workouts, into truly interactive classes personalized to the individual athlete. Any Connected Fitness product or app can offer form-tracking and real-time coaching to customers wearing (app)arel™ designed and manufactured by Virus with “asensei inside”.

“Until today, smart apparel has been developed by technology companies focused on function not fashion, but now, thanks to our partnership with Virus, we are giving consumers apparel that eliminates the choice between fashion and function–now they can have both,” says asensei CEO Steven Webster. “We have always believed that customers will want to work out in the brands of apparel they already love, wherever they want, with the fitness products and apps they already own.”

“Since the beginning, our foundation has been innovation in apparel and bio-physical technology in our fabrics and products ,” says Russell Lin, CEO of VIRUS International. “We have always believed that the most high performance gear should not only be for a select few, but that everyone should have access to equipment that helps them achieve their goals and elevates their performance. By partnering with asensei to integrate their (app)arel technology into our gear, we can now elevate every athlete’s performance, at every level, in every sport. This is the next step of that same fabric-technology innovation that we have been exploring.”

Personalized coaching is now a must-have capability for apps and fitness products as companies like Tempo and Tonal add real-time form coaching, and leaders like Peloton and Nautilus acquire form-tracking technologies for forthcoming products. It’s no surprise that leading fitness companies are adding this capability: Some 55% of customers buying fitness products have said they want coaching to help them improve.

With our (“asensei inside”) SDK, adding 3D form-capture and coaching to connected fitness products and apps can be achieved by a brand’s developers in less than an hour.

Some of the most popular use-cases customers are seeking to implement with Connected Coaching™ powered …….


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