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Today’s edition: The Biden administration extended the public health emergency for monkeypox. A key Senate Democrat seeks changes to Medicare Advantage’s marketing practices. But first …

Expect investigations into covid origins, prescription drug middlemen and pandemic relief dollars if GOP takes the House

House Republicans are plotting a flurry of probes into the Biden administration’s pandemic response and the health industry if the party retakes control of the chamber next week.

Key party leaders have already drummed up lists of their oversight priorities amid growing confidence they’ll win control of the House in the midterm elections. This includes investigating the origins of covid-19, cracking down on prescription drug middlemen, examining how pandemic relief dollars have been spent and scrutinizing key federal agencies.  

Both Democrats and Republicans have already launched their own probes into the coronavirus over the last few years, seeking to shape the public narrative over the federal response. But the majority party can issue subpoenas to compel testimony and obtain documents — a power House Republicans deeply skeptical of some of the nation’s scientists and Biden’s covid response haven’t had for the duration of the pandemic. 

The effort would likely spark a round of political showdowns, leading to fraught congressional hearings and partisan bickering. The Biden administration has already been staffing up in preparation for more oversight, picking lawyer Richard Sauber — previously the general counsel of the Department of Veterans Affairs — to lead a White House response team. (The White House declined to comment for this piece.)

“Some of it will be about just scoring some political points, but others will likely be about really trying to understand some of the decisions that were made, why they were made, and what were the influences,” said Jen …….


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