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[LANGUAGE AND CONTENT WARNING: This post discusses suicide, child abuse and is absolutely filthy with swears]

Maybe you’re one of his 504k YouTube subscribers, maybe you’re part of the quarter of a milli on Instagram seeing his timely illustrations, maybe you listen to God is Dead, maybe you follow him on TikTok, or maybe you got a tattoo from the dude…

Any which way, Struthless, real name Campbell Walker, can now add ‘published author’ to his rap sheet. “Author as of today,” he tells triple j. “Today’s the day that I officially feel like I can chuck that slash into the job title.”


Despite not being someone who’s come up through the ranks of psychology or academia, his book Your Head is a Houseboat is a ‘guide to what goes on in your brain.’ He goes off on all things mental health — brain functions, emotions, mindfulness and psych — all with a healthy dash of visual aids and journal exercises.

Osher Günsberg has already called it “The most important and accessible mental health book in a generation” and says it’s ‘Truly life-changing.’ (“No pressure, hey,” says Cam).

“I started putting some of the tactics that I’ve used on my own head into these wacky metaphors. When I compiled them all, they formed the basis of a skeleton of a book and then I just started adding meat to the skeleton and then capillaries and arteries and skin.”

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It’s fair to say that self-improvement always just feels so f*cking uncool. Like, I don’t want to be here talking about my goddamn boundaries either but I’M TRYING TO BECOME A BETTER PERSON !

“That is the simplest and correctest way to say it,” agrees Cam. “It just feels f*cking uncool. There was a period where I was consuming a lot of [self-help] on YouTube and anytime I needed to search something in front of people I’d open a private browser so nobody could see my recommendations.” See:

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The bar for books about mental health improvement has always been famously low and sits surrounded by clip art of doves and Times New Roman.

“In a weird way it also drew me to the …….


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