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Amazon is now giving customers the chance to trade in their used electronic devices in exchange for a gift card.

The Trade-In scheme means people can recycle old smartphones and video game consoles on the platform, and is part of the online giant’s plan to be more environmentally friendly.

As well as Amazon devices such as Fire sticks, Echo speakers and Kindle tablets, other items that can be exchanged include home security devices, a range of smartphones and gaming consoles.  

The new service will also rival other websites already offering trade-in schemes such as Music Magpie and CeX.

Amazon’s Trade-In programme will give customers gift cards in exchange for electronic items

However, these stores will offer cash in exchange for goods, as opposed to vouchers.

This is Money takes a look at the Trade-In programme, revealing how it works, how much you can make and how it compares to other trade in websites. 

How do customers trade in items?

According to Amazon, there are just three steps customers need to follow to trade in their items:  

1. Select the device you’d like to trade in and answer six questions about its condition

2. Print a shipping label and send your device for free within 21 days

3. After sending your device and receiving the appraisal, an gift card will be credited on your account

When answering the questions about the device’s condition, customers can decide how they want to proceed in case Amazon has to adjust the trade-in value – for example, if Amazon decides the condition is not in line with the information the they submitted.

Customers can then choose whether they want to accept a different amount, or not to accept the adjusted value and get back their device at no additional cost.

The Trade-In programme is available on both mobile and desktop.

Devices that have been accepted for trade-in are tested and graded to determine their condition, and the device will either be re-sold or recycled.

Returned items to Amazon could be recycled or refurbished in a bid to be greener, the site said

Why is Amazon introducing this now?

Amazon says …….


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