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No one knows how many people are confronting the unintended consequence of trying to stay safe amid the pandemic by staying home.

But Ahwatukee resident Dan LeMoine believes it’s a lot, pointing to a recent Harris Poll survey that found 61 percent of the adults in the country reported fluctuating weight in the past year. Of those who reported gaining weight, Harris said, their scale tipped by an extra 29 pounds.

LeMoine is no stranger to helping people like that.

Since 2017, he and his business partner, Dr. Noel Abood of Queen Creek, have been helping people shed pounds at their Ahwatukee clinic, re:vitalize weight loss & wellness center at 15905 S. 46th St. 

Now LeMoine and Abood have written a book that incorporates the fundamental principles that have helped re:vitalize’s clients shed unwanted pounds and keep them off.

Though the two men started writing “Fear No Food: The Last Weight Loss Program You’ll Ever Need” before COVID-19 grabbed the nation by the throat, LeMoine says it hit bookstores and amazon.com at the right time when it was published earlier this month.

“We wanted to continue to scale our impact and the life change we’re seeing in our clinics,” LeMoine told AFN. “We felt like a book is a great starting point for folks who might not be at a place where they’re ready to jump fully into our program just yet, or who want to find out more about our approach and lose a few pounds in the process. 

“The book outlines the foundational pillars we’ve built the re:vitalize program on, it inspires people to take action and do something through the use of inspirational real life stories and easy-to-implement habits, and provides scientifically proven advice on things like inflammation, detoxification, the metabolism and weight loss.”

The authors say the book “addresses the complex reasons otherwise hardworking and disciplined people struggle losing weight and keeping it off,” diving into internal biochemistry, the metabolism, inflammation and psychology and their effects on weight loss and what you can do about it.”

Both men speak from personal …….

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