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What to Know

  • Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, co-presented with Plaza de la Raza
  • On view through Nov. 2, 2021 (included with zoo admission)
  • Contribute your own photo or drawing of a pet that has passed

If you were tasked with drawing the cat or dog you loved when you were a child, where would you begin?

With their soft paws? Floppy ears? Gentle eyes? Or would you simply fill the illustration with a hundred hearts, because the mere memory of your much-missed animal overwhelms you with all kinds of bittersweet, deeply held emotions?

It’s a worldwide experience that unites countless humans, the knowledge of how challenging it can be to say goodbye to a dear dog, a charming chinchilla, your funny bunny, the affectionate cat who stayed by your side over two decades.

Humans also share the need to remember our dearly departed animal companions, in a host of meaningful ways, from memorials, gardens, artworks, and those mementos we just can’t part with, from collars to tags to toys.

The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens and Plaza de la Raza recognize and respect our wish to pay tribute to some of the tenderest and truest souls we’ve ever met.

And helping us honor the loving legacy of our best friends?

It’s the Beloved Pets Ofrenda, a co-presentation by the zoo and the students and families of Plaza de la Raza’s Cultural Center for the Arts & Education.

LA Zoo

The elaborate, photo-filled altar is on view through Nov. 2, 2021, and zoo visitors are welcome to add a photo or drawing of their pet to the ever-growing collection.

Zoo staffers will also be present at the ofrenda from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Oct. 30 and 31 to assist visitors in printing out photos of their pets, but anyone can bring an already-printed photo or completed drawing to the site through Nov. 2.

“Plaza de la Raza has a long history of connecting art, culture, and education to LA’s Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx communities — communities that are the foundation of what Los Angeles represents,” said Denise M. Verret, CEO & Zoo Director of the Los Angeles Zoo.

“A common bond we all share is the love we have for our pets; the care that we …….


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