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Everyone wants to diversify their executive teams. But according to one top search firm, it is a growing requirement for technology businesses. Three leaders in the space – Lindsay Angelillo, managing director of executive search firm Daversa Partners; Yvette Pasqua, CTO of EXOS; and Christina Wick, vice president of engineering at Vista, address how to help deliver change with speed and efficiency.

November 4, 2021 – Innovative technology and high powered, highly functioning engineering teams are the backbone of the tech ecosystem. To have a world-class chief technology officer or vice president of engineering that attracts talent and can build a team quickly and with diversity in mind is the ultimate goal. If you can be one of the great companies who lands a diverse, outstanding CTO, you’ve “made it.” So why is it that other functions like marketing, sales, human resources and operations have seen quantifiable change with the rise of the #womenintech movement over the last five to 10 years, but technology still falls short?

“As a woman who helps lead my firm’s engineering practice and as a member of the LGBTQ community, I understand the need for diversity on an executive team, but do people actually care about that?” asked Lindsay Angelillo, managing director of Daversa Partners. “Or are companies more concerned about what their About Us page looks like on their website? On the flip side of that, why do we even refer to female CTOs as female? Why aren’t they just CTOs? Does it make the problem worse and set us back further in truly getting equal representation?”

Regardless of why, Ms. Angelillo acknowledges there is a severe supply and demand issue at hand. Why are the number of women graduating with computer science degrees dropping? Do people pivot out of these roles when they are told they aren’t as technical as their male counterparts? She has a long list of questions at hand.

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Yvette Pasqua, chief technology officer with EXOS, a fitness, wellness, and athletic training company, said that change in diversification at the executive level or …….

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