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Taking its cues from the divisive party-season fabric, the velvet nail trend is all about the use of reflective light to create the illusion of furry-soft texture, thanks to specific magnetic nail polishes. Going on like a classic glitter, these polishes feature tiny particles which move and react when you sweep a magnet above the nail surface, creating a velvet-like effect that you can adapt however you choose. Nails Inc sells several shades, whilst Mylee has a different magnetic gel formula for every star sign, including the copper and purple Leo, which looks just like the sort of crushed-velvet colour combo that would have been everywhere at a ’90s prom. It feels pretty retro, but in a way that’s quite fun for the festive period.


Yes, you read that right, mewing. TikTok influencers and YouTubers in their millions are claiming that “orthotropics” or mewing – named after the orthodontist, Dr John Mew, who is credited with first having come up with the idea in the ’70s – has given them more defined, sculpted jawlines, and even straightened crooked teeth.

So what does it involve? Mewing essentially means lifting your tongue to the roof of the mouth, closing the lips, and holding the position, as often as you can throughout the day. TikTok users claim noticeable results, and online tutorials on the technique abound. However mewing doesn’t come without controversy. In fact, Dr Mew’s licence was revoked by the General Dental Council in 2017, while his son, Michael Mew – also an orthodontist – is currently facing legal proceedings over his own orthotropic practices. Not to mention how impractical and uncomfortable it sounds to hold your jaw in an unnatural position throughout much of the day. We’ll steer clear of this one, thanks.

Cold-girl beauty

You might feel like you don’t need a tutorial to tell you how to achieve “cold-girl beauty” – take one sub-zero commute and you’ve got the look for free. But creator @zoekimkenealy has become something of a legend for the remarkable specificity of her TikTok beauty tutorials, from make-up for “the perfect cool-girl spa selfie” to her famous “crying make-up tutorial”, designed to replicate the pink-ringed eyes and flushed skin brought about by a bout of sobbing.

TikTok content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Cold-girl beauty will, however, speak to anyone who …….

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