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We love a cool gadget here at Science Focus but, inevitably, investing in the latest tech can mean our bank accounts take a hit from time to time. So, when we find an inexpensive device with the power to improve our day-to-day lives, it’s fair to say we’re interested. 

Here are some of our favourite cheap gadgets on the market, all available for under £25. Our list includes a wide variety of different gizmos, with kitchen gadgets, car gadgets and office gadgets in the mix. 

Keep scrolling to find more budget-friendly tools to upgrade your daily life. 

Best cheap gadgets to buy today

Fisher space pen

Pens with hidden capabilities might be the ultimate gadgets – they’re a staple in classic spy movies, after all. This one doesn’t shoot bullets or tranquilliser darts, but it does have the ability to write in extreme conditions. 

With its gas pressurised cartridge, it can continue working on almost any surface and at any angle – even upside down. You can use it underwater and it’ll also cut through greasy surfaces without trouble. Plus, it’ll continue writing at any temperature between -34°C and 121°C. 

Famously, the space pen can even work outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. But if you don’t get the chance to put it to the test, you can still benefit from its long-lasting ink cartridges. They hold out for three times longer than the average pen. 

Colour-changing light bulb

It’s easy to give your home a fresh feel with one simple colour-changing light bulb, and this one comes with a lot of different functions. You can switch between 12 colours and four modes: fade, smooth, flash and strobe. The remote control also lets you adjust the brightness of the light and set timers to turn the bulb on and off automatically.

As added bonuses, this bulb lasts 60,000 hours and has an in-built memory to turn on with the last colour you selected. 

If you’re after some jazzy lighting for an upcoming party or fancy changing the colour of your room at the click of a button, this gadget will do the trick.

Car USB charging port

Okay, a USB charging port …….

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