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You’ll be forgiven if you’re a little behind on your “new year, new you” goals for 2021. After all, we’re still coming off one of the most unexpectedly volatile and uncertain years in recent memory. We all deserve to coast on the self-improvement front for a bit.

But if you’re ready to dig in, we have you covered with this list of books that will help you improve in valuable ways.

8 books to improve your leadership skills – and yourself

Want to become a lifelong learner? We’ve got a book of proven practices from a renowned brain coach. Struggling with bringing out the best in your people? Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei reveals the secrets to unlocking potential in others.

Maybe you’re tired of running into silos and walls and divisions that hinder progress – best-selling Never Eat Alone author has a new idea for you: “co-elevation.” Overwhelmed by your inbox? there’s a new treatise from Cal Newport on the true cost of email and how we might better communicate and collaborate in the future. And if you’re looking for a well-rounded compendium of remote work and management advice, we’ve got that, too.

Let’s delve into the books:

By Jim Kwik

Book description (via Amazon): “Jim Kwik, the world’s #1 brain coach, has written the owner’s manual for mental expansion and brain fitness. Limitless gives people the ability to accomplish more – more productivity, more transformation, more personal success and business achievement – by changing their Mindset, Motivation, and Methods. These ‘3 M’s’ live in the pages of Limitless along with practical techniques that unlock the superpowers of your brain and change your habits.”

Why you should read it: Yes, the author’s name really is Kwik. And yes, he wants to help your brain work faster – and better. Your brain is a supercomputer, Kwik explains, and your thoughts are its programming. Thus, Kwik’s book begins with identifying the assumptions, habits, and procrastinations that may hold you back and shifting your mindset from negative thinking to positive possibilities. It teaches you how to identify what you want in every aspect of your life. His approach is inspired by neuroscientific research into accelerating learning – something we should all try to understand in an era of exponential and ongoing change.

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