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There are your standard kitchen tools — you know, knife sets, pots and pans, stand mixers and whisks. And then there are the more innovative and unique kitchen gadgets that are just so clever, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

Most of the unique kitchen gadgets listed below will help keep your kitchen tidy, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the good food you just made. However, they’re also all pretty small, so they won’t clutter your cabinets, either. 

All around, these kitchen gadgets are simply pretty great. 

1. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Clip-On Strainer, $7.99

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This clip-on strainer will save you time and effort. Instead of pouring your food into a strainer to drain the water, you can clip this strainer onto any pot or pan and directly drain the water from there. It’s small, so you can store it anywhere. Plus, it’s food-grade silicone, so it’s nonstick and super easy to clean.

2. Pizza Scizza, $29.95

Credit: Williams Sonoma

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If you want to cut through even the thickest of crusts and layers of toppings without tearing your pizza apart, these Pizza Scizzas are the way to go. Pizza-slicing wheels scratch your pans and are often covered in stuck-on cheese. But a Pizza Scizza, aka pizza-cutting scissors, can slice oven-hot pizza into clean, even slices — no cheese dripping or toppings sliding off the top.

3. Sur La Table Silicone Blender Spatula, $14

Credit: Sur La Table

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Scrape every last bit from the sides of your blender with this specialty spatula. It’s long and skinny, so you can reach all the way to the bottom without getting your hands dirty or getting nicked by the blades.

4. Sur La Table Prep & Pour Cutting Board, $19.95

Credit: Sur La Table

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This unique cutting board folds, so you can easily (and neatly) guide your chopped produce into whatever you’re cooking. Fewer spills for the win! Get it in red or black at Sur La Table.</…….

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