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We may not have been alive in the ’60s, but it looks like a hell of a decade. It gave us the Beatles. The miniskirt. Flower power. It fired people up to fight for freedom and the Civil Rights Movement. And it gave us the O.G. yellow smiley-face emoji—before emoji even existed.

We know that trends are cyclical, but this season? The ’60s is dominating. And beautywise, the retro references are ripe for the picking. Because, really, ’60s makeup was iconic.

In the next month in particular, prepare to be served up some delicious ’60s inspo. One of the decades biggest celeb fans, Ariana Grande, revealed that her upcoming beauty brand REM Beauty was partly inspired by the era. “I’ve always sort of gravitated towards the ’50s and ’60s and ’70s for glamour references,” Grande told Allure. “I’ve always pictured myself in a different time period. I’ve always wanted to wear that makeup, wear that hair, wear those outfits, be those performers.”

In fact her classic ’60s makeup look of winged Bardot liner is as synonymous with the singer as those beautiful vocal cords, and her Positions album cover pushed the singer firmly into ’60s territory with Jean Shrimpton flicked hair, voluminous roots, and graphic ’60s negative-space liner.

While we’ve not seen the products for REM Beauty (out imminently) yet, the artwork released from the brand so far shows a clear direction. Frosted lavender hues and powder pinks are giving us ’60s vibes.

Likewise the recent Mary Quant biopic, Quant, follows the life of one of the eras most trailblazing icons and designers. She rewrote the rules for women’s fashion by (surprise) actually giving women what they wanted: practicality, style, freedom. Her PVC coats, minidresses, and bright tights changed the game, and her bold beauty choices breathed new life into hackneyed conventions. Her famous five-point cut by Vidal Sassoon gave women a beauty rebel to respect and (if they were brave enough) emulate. 

And among just some of the ’60s tributes we’ve been seeing is Anya Taylor-Joy’s latest project, the psychological horror film Last Night In Soho. It follows an aspiring singer in ’60s London, and while it’s a dark and complex watch, there’s no denying that the beehive hair, dolly lashes, and plush fringe are a real beauty moment.

Meanwhile mega influencer Addison Rae chose to pay homage to the decade in her Glamour U.K. cover shoot earlier this year. 

Looking to the future, the ’60s trend is going nowhere. The …….

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