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Remember the days we used to go to Best Buy or Walmart to figure out what the latest and greatest gadgets were? Not only that, but once we figured them out, they usually were hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Well, today I thank the lucky stars for the one and only: Tiktok. Tiktok has found some of the most unique, interesting, and boujee gadgets that will blow your minds. Not only that, but these products that blew up on tiktok are also affordable and can be found on everyone’s favorite store: Amazon!

Are you interested in curtains that you can control from your own iPhone? What about a soft-serve machine that will make healthy and delicious ice cream out of frozen fruits? You name it, Tiktok has found it! I have found some of the most viral and wanted items that you can get on Amazon! Portable movie projectors, shower heads that change into seven different colors and an ear cleaner that connects to an app and lets you see inside your ear are just a few of the unique and fun finds that I have gathered here for you today. Go crazy, but don’t go too crazy with 60 of the best gadgets on Amazon that went viral on Tiktok!

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These LED Lights That Make Every Room A Party Room


These LED lights blew up all over the internet! People were using them in their bedrooms, cars, dorm rooms, basements, garages and basically wherever they could find a place for them! They stick on to any surface, change to over 10 colors, and can even sinc up to the beat of music and sound that is near the lights. They truly are the life of the party!

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This Soft Serve Maker That Can Create Your New Favorite Dessert


I don’t think there is anyone out there who loves sweets as much as I do. The only problem? They’re bad for you and always make my stomach hurt! Never experience those stomach pains again with this Yonanas soft serve maker that turns healthy foods such as fruit into ice cream! Just put your frozen fruit through the machine and in seconds you will have a delicious bowl …….

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