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Check out a TikTok of the moon lamp in action. 

BuzzFeed writer Emma Lord is obsessed with this gadget:

“UMMMM I bought this because it was on one of Amazon’s top selling products pages for so long that I was like “Why are people so obsessed with this moon!!” And now, my friends, I know. First of all, it really does look hyper realistically like a small moon and adds a chill vibe wherever you plant it. But it’s also just so soothing to watch and have in the periphery. You can control dozens of different colors for it and either keep it on those colors or have them alternate, fade quickly, or fade gradually. It’s super easy to charge and controlled by a remote, so you can move it off its stand and have it light up wherever you want. These days I tend to turn it on for my designed ~me time~ night every week, in which I will light a candle, pour a glass of red wine, read a romance novel, and, of course, light my lil’ moon. Definitely one of my favorite ‘the internet made me do it’ purchases.”

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in eight sizes). 

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