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With the constant demands of our busy lives, finding ways to decompress and relax have become commonplace. Self-care has become synonymous with pampering, relaxation, and treating ourselves to bits of luxury — and for many people, that means stocking up on beauty products that make us feel our best. And these days, some of the best beauty products work in ways you wouldn’t quite expect but reap incredible results, like this list of weird but genius beauty and hair products that people are obsessed with on Amazon.

Keeping hair looking fresh in between visits to the salon just got easier thanks to multiple items on this list. If your roots need a quick touch-up, there’s a genius color-matching spray that will last until the next time you wash your hair. Is your hair looking dry and damaged? There’s a next-gen keratin hair mask treatment that will rejuvenate dull hair in three seconds flat. Elsewhere, you’ll find incredible beauty products you’ll wish you’d thought of yourself, like a lip exfoliator conveniently shaped like a lipstick bullet, and a mattifying face roller that doubles as a facial massager.

Not only will these fan-favorite, weird but genius beauty products up your self-care game, but you’ll probably have a lot of fun using them — and since they all cost under $45 on Amazon, you won’t have to break the bank to benefit from their amazing results.


This Face Roller That Absorbs Excess Oil & Massages Your Skin

This face roller is made with a volcanic stone that naturally absorbs excess oil without disturbing your makeup, and feels like a blissful facial massage in the process. Unlike most oil blotting papers, this roller is reusable — just remove the stone and clean it with soap and water, then screw on the protective cap to keep it clean while you store it.


This Handheld Massager That Exfoliates Your Scalp While Shampooing

Use these silicone scalp scrubbers in the shower and experience ultimate bliss while shampooing your hair. Not only does it exfoliate your scalp, it helps provide a deeper clean by working your shampoo thoroughly into your scalp and hair. Plus, the long, rubbery bristles won’t tangle long hair.


This Brow Glue That Keeps Stray Hairs Locked In Place All Day

Keep eyebrows in place all day long with this brow glue …….

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