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There’s so much to love about Apple, such as the breadth of its strong-selling products, including the iPhone, iPad, iMac, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple TV+; they’re the result of a very creative company that has a history of launching whole new product categories. It’s easy to imagine Apple continuing to innovate, building a bigger and bigger ecosystem. Its Apple TV+ streaming service, for example, only debuted in 2019, and it already has more than 30 million subscribers. Its ecosystem helps, because the company is giving buyers of many new Apple products a free year of the service, in the hope that they’ll keep paying for it once they grow to like it.

Everything isn’t perfect in Apple land, as the company, like many others, is being challenged by supply-chain issues. But its long-term future looks rosy to me, and I plan to hang on to my shares for a very long time.

I don’t want to say I’ll never sell these stocks, but there’s actually a decent chance that my heirs will inherit many of them. It can be a useful exercise to think about your own portfolio, to determine which stocks are the ones you’d prefer never to sell. Try it!

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