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TikTok doesn’t always get it right when it comes to beauty hacks (ponytail haircuts, at-home lip fillers, etc.), but its users sure do know how to tell an amazing beauty product from an OK or a downright bad one. Take it from us: we at Allure have tried just about every TikTok sensation and have yet to find a bad one — so why not take a little inspiration from the app while holiday shopping? 

We’re rounded up 24 of TikTok’s most beloved and viral beauty products you can gift to anyone in your life who uses makeup, skin-care, or hair-care products… but trust us when we say each and every one of these will make your Gen Z friends and family (or anyone you know who just can’t stop scrolling) swoon. 

With a wide selection of steals — like drugstore foundations and Amazon skin-care tools — and splurges — including one of the world’s best blowdryers and an iconic boutique fragrance — alike, these products cover every price point, skin type, beauty need, and more. Don’t thank us; thank The Youths. 

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