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Sometimes, the tiniest of innovations can make life all the more convenient. Whether that’s a TikTok-viral shower head that purifies and increases water pressure, a wireless charging stand for the latest iPhone model or an electric USB lighter, gadgets don’t just make life easier—they can make it even cooler.

19 Impossibly Cool Gadgets

Are you a sucker for cool gadgets? Keep reading for 19 impossibly cool inventions that are smart, convenient and just plain awesome. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time.

1. Forté for iPhone

The Forté for iPhone is a wireless charging stand that pairs with the newest phone model’s Apple MagSafe Charger.

What’s even more incredible than the latest model of the iPhone—iPhone 12? The Forté for iPhone is a wireless charging stand that works with the 12’s Apple MagSafe Charger. The MagSafe Charger snaps into the Forté like a kind of vertical dock. While your phone is displayed upright, it’s actually wirelessly charging at 15 Watts. The platform even tilts to a proper viewing angle (at 70 degrees) or can be used to charge Apple AirPods as well. It is absolutely the gadget of the year.

Buy at Twelve South for $39.99.

2. Glitter Mini Vacuum

The Glitter Mini Vacuum can clean up countertops, desks, car dashboards and all other small spaces.

Initially, this mini vacuum was designed for crafters who needed a swift, more convenient way to clean up glitter. Thus, the Glitter Mini Vacuum was born, but thankfully, you can use it for so much more than just crafting sparkles. It’s perfect for vacuuming up messes on countertops, tables, desks and really any compact space that requires special attention. It charges with a USB cord, and you can even use it in cars.

Buy at Zulily for $14.99.

3. Original Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stand

With a 4.5-star rating and more than 7,000 reviews, Amazon.com customers love the ease and functionality of Original Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stands.

Before you rule this one out as being inconsequential, just hear us out. The Original Jokari Adjustable Baggy Rack Stand is, yes, a stand for plastic baggies, so you can better leverage the bag while you …….

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