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I need to date a carpenter, apparently.

This boyfriend who needs to begin selling these pillows:


This boyfriend who created a very necessary survival kit:

My boyfriend made me a “clinical survival kit” 😩❤️ I start my Nursing clinical this Wednesday at the hospital and he knows how nervous I am.. the thought he put into this 😩 like even put it some “Aleve” in case I get a headache 🥺 and SB gift card and lunch money 🥺

10:27 PM – 26 Oct 2020

Twitter: @mi_alma19

This boyfriend who made a necklace worth crying over:


This boyfriend who gave his partner’s plants a home worth having:

Before & after. My boyfriend built me a plant hanger above our dining room window 😭💚 get yourself a handy man/woman who supports your plant obsession!!

08:38 PM – 21 Sep 2020

Twitter: @DreamscapeDyes


And this boyfriend who built the world’s most gorgeous plant stand:

GUYS! My boyfriend built me one of these for my birthday last year and I need to plant something in it! Should I plant… tulips or vegetables or both?

08:34 PM – 09 Apr 2021

Twitter: @tinymma

This boyfriend who made a museum-worthy piece of art:

This boyfriend who shot for the stars:

This boyfriend who could have just bought the mirror, but didn’t take the easy way out:

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Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/pablovaldivia/gifts-from-boyfriend

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