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As any pet parent can attest, welcoming an animal into your home usually means acquiring a lot of stuff. 

After adopting my pitbull Bradley, I started with a dog bed, storage containers for his food, and more toys than I care to count. He now has his own shoes for walks on hot days, a life vest for trips to the river, and, owing to my job as a tech reviewer, a steady stream of gadgets to test. 

You might be surprised by the number and variety of pet devices we review — everything from cameras that can help you monitor and interact with your furry friend from afar to DNA testing kits that can tell you whether your cuddly creature is part pomeranian or poodle. At PCMag, we love our pets, and we know you love yours, too. So in this article, we’ve rounded up the best tech gifts for pets and their owners. 

For all the love they give, our pets deserve the best. If you’re on the hunt for a special gift for your cat, dog, or a loved one whose world revolves around their furbaby, read on. (For more great gift ideas, be sure to check out PCMag’s Holiday Gift Guide.)

For Pets Who Stay Home Alone

The $249 Furbo is essentially an indoor home security camera and dog nanny in one, offering clear 1080p video even in the dark, plus barking alerts and two-way audio so you can monitor your pupper from your phone while at work or on the go. Perhaps best of all, it lets you toss treats to your dog when you’re out and about. With an attractive and sturdy design, sharper video quality than the competition, a reliable treat tosser, and helpful alerts, it’s our Editors’ Choice for pet cameras. 

Furbo Dog Camera Review

For Remote Pet Monitoring on a Budget

If the Furbo is out of your price range, check out the $149 Petcube Bites 2 Lite. It offers a similar experience for less money, letting you see, hear, and talk to your pet, as well as toss them treats from your phone. It’s fun and easy to use, and can give you peace of mind that your pet is safe when you’re away from home. It doesn’t outshine the Furbo, which remains our Editors’ Choice in this category for its superior reliability, but the Bites 2 Lite is an excellent, more affordable alternative.

Petcube Bites 2 Lite Review

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