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The iF Design Award has been consistently hand-picking the best, most innovative designs since 1953, honoring top-class achievements in categories spanning Product Design, Transportation Design, Communication Design, Packaging, Service Design, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Professional Concepts, and UI and UX for 67 years in a row. The entire iF Design Award program saw as many as 10,000 submissions this year, which were evaluated by 98 international design experts from 21 countries, on the iF Jury.

Just this year alone, 1,744 designs received the iF Design Award for their creative accomplishments across various categories, while an additional 75 designs went on to win the highly-coveted iF Gold Award for their outstanding work. The iF Design Award always culminates in a grand ceremony in Berlin, although owing to the pandemic and global travel restrictions, award-winning products and projects this year are being celebrated digitally with an international content campaign encapsulated by the slogan “The CreatiFe Power of Design” in cooperation with popular design platforms and seven renowned design museums.

Over the course of the next few months, Yanko Design will be curating and featuring winning designs from this year’s program too – we’ve hand-picked ten award-winning designs from the ‘Consumer Technology & Entertainment’ category below (the list even features TWO iF Gold Award winners)! All the iF Design Award winners can also be viewed on the newly-launched iF Design App that gives you access to a grand database of award-winning design projects and their creators, right at your fingertips!

To view all these designs and many more, visit the website of the iF DESIGN AWARD.

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Award-Winning Consumer Technology & Entertainment Designs from the iF Design Award 2021

iPhone 12 Pro by Apple (iF Gold Award Winner)

Last year’s iPhone is this year’s winner of the iF Gold Award. A remarkable smartphone by even this year’s standards, the iPhone really holds up its own to other flagships. The phone debuted just in time to enter into this year’s award, and made the cut for introducing radical new features like the 5G chip, the Super Retina XDR display, the cutting edge A14 Bionic chip, state-of-the-art computational photography, and obviously, MagSafe!

Gravitation Smartphone Gaming Accessory by Compal Electronics

Designed for an era of gamers who are migrating towards the new echelon of cloud-based gaming, the Gravitation is a universal smartphone holder/controller that lets …….

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