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In this article, we shall discuss the 10 best weight loss stocks to buy now. To skip our detailed analysis of the obesity epidemic and its effects on the weight loss and fitness industry in 2022, go directly and see 5 Best Weight Loss Stocks To Buy Now.

The 21st century has seen obesity emerge as one of the largest health concerns across the globe. According to a report by McKinsey and Company, more than 30% of the global population is struggling with obesity. It is responsible for more than 5% of worldwide deaths, and if the prevalence of the epidemic continues, more than half of the world’s population will be classified as ‘obese’ by 2030. However, the economic impact of the epidemic is rarely talked about. Obesity, along with other human activities like armed conflict, war and terrorism, has one of the greatest negative impacts on the global economy. Not only does it inflict immense pressure on healthcare sectors in terms of cost and spending, with obesity prevention taking up more than 7% of global healthcare budget, it also hampers overall economic gains. The increasing awareness about the crisis, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, has prompted an entire wave of millennials and Gen-Z consumers to engage with the weight loss and fitness industry.

The obesity crisis offers a huge opportunity to investors who are currently struggling with the macroeconomic headwinds perpetrated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, rise in energy prices, supply chain disruptions, rising interest rates, and tightening monetary policies. The IMF is expected to lower the global growth forecast for the fourth time this year in October 2022, and the warning signs of a possible recession are already on the horizon. Even in such tough macroeconomic conditions, a report by McKinsey and Company finds that the market for health, wellness products, and fitness is growing by 5% to 10% per year, varying region to region. The industry was revolutionized during the COVID-19 pandemic, when huge swaths of people were constrained within their homes, catalyzing a large-scale shift towards personalized, at-home workouts, making weight loss and fitness even more important. Fitness tech apps raised a mammoth $2 billion in investments in 2020. As a result, a recent survey has revealed a shift in popular conceptions of fitness and weight loss, with more than 40% of the general population recognizing and regarding health as a top priority in 2022. This spells great things for the weight loss and fitness market in the coming years.


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