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As technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, it can be fun to glance backwards at the gadgets that came from simpler times, especially as many of those gizmos have been updated to fit into the modern age.

If you’d like to take a nostalgic trip and visit the toys you played with as a kid, or you’re interested in how items like the vinyl player or Polaroid camera have been adapted to modern standards, look no further than our pick of the best retro gadgets below.

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Best retro gadgets to buy in 2021

3D metal pin art desktop toy

A classic staple of 80s desk gadgets, the 3D metal pin art toy lets you create a shape by pushing an item into the back of the pins, then watch it come to life in metal form on the other side. 

Made from thousands of metal pins as opposed to some of its plastic rivals, the makers of this version claim it to be more durable and sturdy as a result, allowing you to play with it longer. They also say it can be used as a relaxing sensory experience as you play with the pins to create various shapes. 

Suitable as a fun gift or something to keep for yourself – either way, it will definitely make an impression…

Casio CA-53W-1ER calculator watch 

Never be left without basic arithmetic again, with this iconic calculator watch, part of Casio’s Vintage collection. As worn by Marty McFly in the classic Back to the Future, you’ll be able to impress your friends and family with futuristic features that include a calendar and stopwatch. 

Made from resin glass which should be resistant against breaking, and with a five-year battery life, you can keep the past alive well into the future, and look stylish while you do it.

SONY PS-LX310BT Bluetooth turntable 

As modern turntables have continued to rise in popularity the options for a reliable, throwback player have broadened and we think the SONY PS-LX310BT is a serious contender.

Connect the turntable to your Bluetooth speakers, set the tonearm to the vinyl and you’ll be able to …….

Source: https://www.sciencefocus.com/future-technology/retro-gadgets/

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